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Common Eczema Triggers

Knowing Your Eczema Triggers

Triggers are things that aggravate eczema, causing flares. Everyone’s triggers are different – they can include dry skin, irritants, rough fabrics such as wool, emotional stress, heat, and sweating.

IrritantsSynthetic fibers, detergents, perfumes, rough or poor-fitting clothing, dust, sand
EnvironmentTemperature: extreme hot or cold temperatures (including hot water), humidity, dry air, clothes

If you’re not sure what your triggers are, figuring them out can be a long and painstaking process, but one that will help keep your skin healthy. Our Flare Discovery Tool can help you identify things to look for in your home, diet, and lifestyle that could have triggered a flare. Try to record your triggers every time you have a flare, and after a while, you should have the list narrowed down. Once you know what your triggers are, you should try your best to avoid them. This will help keep your skin healthy.

Babies' skin is extremely fragile, and more susceptible to irritants than adult skin.

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