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So Many Ways to Treat Your Wounds

We have infection prevention options for all your minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

Protection at the Ready

Mother treating her son’s cut with Neosporin antibiotic ointment.

Be Wound Care Prepared

Infections are the worst—but with NEOSPORIN® wound care products and proper care, they can be prevented. Make sure you know what’s what when it comes to first aid so you’re able to heal cuts and scrapes quickly and without worry.

Mother playing outside with a soccer ball with her daughter.

Simply Effective

Free from preservatives, parabens, neomycin—and sting—our SIMPLY NEOSPORIN™ Ointment offers strong wound infection protection with just three effective ingredients.

Neosporin Simply NEOSPORIN® Product Packaging.
Man and Boy Hiking Together

Kits to Keep You Ready

Conveniently all in one place, our first aid kits have everything from our NEOSPORIN® antibiotic cream to BAND-AID® Brand bandages, cleansing wipes, gauze, and more, so you’re always prepared.

Small and Large Johnson & Johnson Brand First Aid Kits
Where to Buy Neosporin Icon.

Where to Buy NEOSPORIN® Products

Online and in-store—no matter how you prefer to shop, easily purchase the NEOSPORIN® products you need.

Healthier lips.
Warmer smiles.

Made with the restorative essentials needed to keep lips looking and feeling their best, NEOSPORIN® LIP HEALTH® Overnight Renewal Therapy® is clinically shown to deliver healthier lips in just three days.

  • Repairs & strengthens as you sleep
  • Moisturizes & nourishes overnight
  • Improves lip tone
Neosporin Lip Care Products

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infection prevention products.

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