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Stop Infection Before It Starts

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Relief for Minor Burns

Follow these steps to treat & relieve pain from small burns.

  • Start by gently removing any clothing covering the burn.

  • Run cool water over it or apply a clean, wet cloth for 10–20 minutes to help reduce pain and swelling.

  • After cooling, dry the burn gently and apply a layer of NEOSPORIN® + Burn Relief First Aid Antibiotic Ointment.

  • Protect the burn from rubbing and pressure with non-stick gauze that can be held in place with tape or wrap. Change the dressing daily.

Some burns require more care. Visit a doctor or hospital if your burn is larger than 3 inches, caused by electricity or a chemical, or if it’s on your face, hands, feet, or over a shoulder/knee joint.1

Dad bandaging his son’s arm.

Follow-Up Care

There’s more to caring for a minor wound or injury than cleaning and covering it. You’ll want to keep an eye out for infection, look for allergic reactions, and change your bandage as you heal.

When to Call a Doctor

While most minor to moderate injuries can be effectively treated at home, some should be evaluated by medical professionals in order to prevent infection and ensure you heal properly.

Seek help for:

Cuts that are very deep, are more than ½” long, are gaping open, or have jagged edges

Puncture wounds and/or deep injuries where you suspect a bone may be broken

Injuries that cannot be properly cleaned or where glass or dirt is trapped inside

Cuts on the face, especially when close to the eyes

Bites from animals or humans

Cuts, scrapes, or burns that are not healing properly, even with routine and proper at-home care

Injuries involving metal or rust if you haven’t had a tetanus shot in the last 5 years

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