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Covered vs. Uncovered Wounds

For years, people have believed that keeping wounds uncovered to let them air out helps them heal faster, however extensive research has proven this treatment to be untrue. Keeping a wound protected after applying a NEOSPORIN® First Aid Antibiotic Ointment is extremely important for proper wound healing.

A Covered Wound:

  • Has less chance of getting infected
  • Using a sterile bandage or cover after applying a NEOSPORIN® Original Ointment, helps prevents exposure to dirt and germs.
  • Has less chance of scarring
  • A moist, scab-free wound is more likely to heal without leaving a visible scar.

An Uncovered Wound:

  • Dries out and forms a scab
  • Scabs create a barrier between healthy skin cells, which then have to work their way under the scab in order to form new tissue.
  • Has a greater chance of re-injury
  • When the body forms a scab, it’s nature’s way of protecting against germs. However, scabs can be scratched or torn, causing re-injury.
  • Has a greater chance of scarring
  • Scabs formed from leaving a wound uncovered often result in unwanted scars.

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